Friday, December 23, 2011

Sewed something!

It's unbelievable but true, I finished exactly one item in the last four weeks. I don't know what happened, I have just not been feeling "it". So my machine sat mostly untouched in the evenings. Even my husband noted that when he reminded me that I haven't blog about anything in a while...
But here it is, I managed to make one Christmas present. This is a little dress for my niece. It's quite summerish, but by the time it will be warm here again I think she'll have grown into it.

The pattern is from Heather Ross' book Weekend Sewing. That's one of my all time favorite sewing books, I highly recommend it. This little dress really comes together quickly. At first, I wanted to add some rick rack that's matching in color to the dress, but then I thought, "Oh why not go bold and bright?"

Maybe I should start right away with more handmade presents, so I'll be prepared for Christmas next year...

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