Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You can never have enough...

Tovas, that is! And that's why I made two more. I think I'm addicted to this pattern. I think I made six or seven by now. Seriously, this is my uniform. A tova, skinny jeans, boots or ballet flats. Looks pulled together and does not require a lot of effort.

The purple one on the left reminds me of little crocuses in the spring (which I would not mind to finally show up!).

In case you are wondering about that sleeve: Yes, that is a seam on the upper arm side. I did not have enough fabric to cut out two whole sleeves, only for one. So I took four half sleeves to make them into two whole ones and even added some topstitches to make it look like it's meant that way.

The other one is my fancy Tova. I went all out here with crocheted lace as embellishment and I added some buttons on the front.

It took a lot of fiddling around, but I even managed lace on the collar:

More lace on the sleeve and hem:

And even though I did not iron it for the photos, here's a shot of me in it:

I'm linking up with Live a Colorful Life for Really Random Thursday. Last week I skipped over the random part. so here's some for you now:
I think Lana DelRey's music is really boring. I hate rice, can't even stand the smell. I'm going on a trip to Japan tomorrow and I haven't packed a single thing yet. I'll be leaving my children alone for the first time in five years (with the grandparents, so they will be well taken care of). I'm nervous about that, but also very excited. I can't wait to shop for fabric in Kyoto.

There you have it. See you soon (in two weeks)!

Live A Colorful Life


  1. I wish you having a great time in Japan (didn´t know that it is already time...)!!! Buy enough fabric :)

  2. Your Tovas are great. And way to go on the randomness!

  3. Look at your cute short hair! And I love the Tovas. Have fun in Japan, you're going to love it!

  4. Haha, I think Lana DelRey sings like she´s really bored/annoyed with her own singing. Love the Tovas!